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386                          UFE OF
protecting, and conserving., and which would facilitate
the common purposes of independent, self-relying,
and equally-privileged states for the common-weal,
"by firmly-constituted legal forms and arrangements.
The speaker then expressed the hope that thin would
secure the safety of single states and of the common
fatherland, and that thereby all the privileges would
"be maintained and supported, Tby means of which
Germany might calculate on the esteem of other
European nations. Finally, he added some personal
remarks. " For myself," he said, cc I could not have
hoped for a more agreeable or honourable task than
to express these sentiments here on this day, and to
belong, though temporarily, to an assembly to whom
I devote my esteem, and the ardent endeavour to
labour for the same purpose -with all my strength, and
whose favourable confidence I request." Then the
credentials were all submitted, and other formalities
fone through.    This  ended the meeting, which was
allowed by a grand dinner at the presiding ambas-
sador's, where a brilliant company assembled in  the
evening.    In the town, cannons and bells announced
the important event.
On the llth of November, the first meeting for the
transaction of business took place, and in this the
Count von der Goltz was able himself to take his seat.
It is fortunate for Hmnboldt *fchat he had no further
share in these deliberations. The result could not
have gratified him, and he would have been powerless
to effect aBy good.
The labours of the territorial commission detained
Humboldt in Frankfurt until January, 1817, and then
they separated without having quite concluded, the
On the llth of January, Humboldt with his family
left Frankfurt. He proceeded first to Weimar, where
he visited Goethe, and thence went to his estate of
Burgorner* In February they arrived in Berlin. But
Humboldt was not destined to remain long with his
family. His eldest daughter, Caroline, was in delicate